Dragonmill Castle

Population 24000, mixed human and dwarf.
GP Limit: 33,000

Dragonmill Castle and the city which sprawls around it is located just north of the Thorem woods where Falcon River first separates in two. The Castle itself is located on an island in the river, while the walled portion of the city exists between the two outlining rivers. The surrounding countryside is surrounded by small clusters of homes, taverns, farms, and docks.

Since Dragonmill is the largest trade center in Myradon, people from all walks of life can be found living in or passing through town. Also, due to the wide availability of goods available in Dragonmill, there is a common saying in Thorem, that if an item cannot be found in Dragonmill, then it probably does not exist.

While the King and his men run the country from within the Castle Proper, governance of the city is shared by a consortium of guildmasters and a noble aristocrat, the human lord Dreward. Seats on the City Council are purchased by Guilds within the city on an annual basis. The Guilds with seats on the City Council are:
Ne’Tang Wizard’s Guild
Carpenters Guild
Boatswain’s Guild
Merchant’s Guild
Adventurer’s Guild

Dragonmill Castle

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