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  • The Second Great Sineg Empire

    This mountainous Nation rests at the tip of the Dragon's Tooth Peninsula, forming the southern portion of Dragon's Maw Straight. It's Capital Castle is the Dragonstooth Castle, a great black castle built into a cliffside. Millenia ago, the Sineg Empire …

  • Perabeth, the Gray Country

    Perabeth, the Gray Country, so named for it's hilly, mountainous, and rocky terrain. It's Capital Castle is Greyspire. This Nation was recently conquered by [[The Second Great Sineg Empire | The Second Great Sineg Empire]].

  • Thorem, Kingdom of the River

    Thorem is located in the center of Myradon. With geography ranging from mountains to forests to plains, Thorem has a diverse array of locations and environments. Though the most common races living in Thorem are Human, Elf, Half-Elf, and Halfling, people …

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