Raised in a group of gypsies, Dart is quick on his feet and has a silver tongue that historically has landed him in more problems than it has solved.

A case of mistaken identity led to Dart accidentally killing a guard, and while he made a clean getaway into hiding, he was sold out. His caravan was entirely wiped out with no survivors or prisoners.

Through anger and grief, Dart made a deal with the devil. He asked for the power to find who has sold out his family and was endowed with a cursed eye bearing the mark of the demon who had given it to him.

Dart left Dragonmill to hone his skills and eventually met up with a group that he at first was not keen on joining, but is now steadfastly loyal to, as if they were part of his own family back home. Having join the party, and seen the power of his comrade Zabear through Pelor, he has begun searching for a way to lift his curse and find a way to avenge the people who’s lives were cut short in his stead.


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