In the final days of the First Sineg Empire, the Triumverate, a trio of powerful necromancers, ruled cruelly, with an iron fist. It was then that the legendary hero, Kordon, the Hand of Pelor, emerged from the masses and led a revolution against the evil Triumverate. It is said that in the final battle of the war, Kordon, equipped with the 12 artifacts gifted to him by The Lord of Light himself, faced the Triumverate and single-handedly defeated them before himself disappearing.

Now, in the year 2212, nearly a thousand years later, The Second Great Sineg Empire is on the move, inner turmoil racks Norstia, Leamas, Land of the Monsters, has begun raiding Thorem, and no one has been able to reach Tabeth in months. Has the triumverate returned?


This is for the Myradon campaign. If it’s in the Core rulebooks or any of the Races of and Complete series, you can assume it exists in Myradon. Talk to me if you want to bring in something from a different rulebook or homebrew.

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