Kradon Zabear

A Paladin of the Pelor Religion




  • Proficient in all armor, and all shields (except tower shields) × Proficient with all simple and martial weapons.
  • Aura of Good(Ex): You have a strong aura of Good.
  • Turn Undead(Su): Can turn undead 5 times per day. A turning check is made on 1d20+4; turning damage is equal to 2d6+4 on a successful check. × Code of Conduct: You must remain Lawful Good. You must respect legitimate authority; act with honor; help those in need; and punish those that harm or threaten innocents. You must never knowingly associate with evil characters; or those that consistently offend your moral code.
  • Detect Evil(Sp): At will; as the spell.
  • Smite Evil(Su): 2 time(s) per day; you can add +2 to your attack roll; if the creature you strike is evil; you inflict an extra 5 points of damage.
  • Divine Grace(Su): Add +2 to all saves.
  • Lay on Hands(Su): As a standard action; you can heal yourself or someone else. You can cure a total of 10 points of damage per day.
    (These points can also be used to harm undead.)
  • Aura of Courage(Su): You are immune to fear. All allies within 10 feet of you gain a +4 morale bonus to save against fear effects.
  • Divine Health(Ex): You are immune to all diseases; including magical diseases such as mummy rot and lycanthropy.
  • Spells: You can now cast Paladin spells. Your caster level is 2.
  • Special Mount(Sp): You can now call an especially intelligent; strong; and loyal steed to serve you.

–– FEATS ––

  • Exotic Weapon Proficiency(PH 94) (Sword, Bastard) : No penalty on attacks with specific exotic weapon.
  • Quick Draw(PH 98) : Draw weapon as free action.
  • Weapon Focus(PH 102) (Sword, Bastard) : +1 bonus on attack rolls with selected weapon.

Kradon Zabear at first glance seem to be an intimidating person; often described as loud, intrusive, and someone with no self-awareness. In truth he’s a man with the best intentions and is over all a big hearted fellow. He often goes out of his way to offer aid to people in need and takes great pains to look after his friends, allies.

Although a paladin, he has always had a soft spot for nature and more specifically bears. Many would say his animal spirit would indeed be a bear. Bold and Powerful, Straightforward and Sturdy, due to the similarities Zabear see all bears as kin.

Often ignorant in his views toward other races. His first impression of people are never ill. Easy going and maybe too trusting (which is funny for someone who should be able to scenes evil) he will accept anybody as an equal if he feels they’ve simply shown spirit.

Not much is known about his past, mainly because he’s not one to dwell nor burden anybody with details about himself. One thing known is he been a paladin for a good portion of his life. Even if his carefree side and naive views make him questionable as a paladin his heart and fighting skills make up all the difference.

His role in the group is different than normal paladins. Many would proceed to think the paladin the face and leader of the group, but he simply takes charge and leads in combat only. Always point man in the marching order; when it comes to more face to face time he’ll leave such interaction to Dart. Trusting in Dart’s abilities, Zabear, has been known to leave and split the group to follow other leads to help further bf1’s quest.

Kradon Zabear

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