The passage of time

We’ve barely been in town for a day but it feels like weeks. We found passage to light gate by way of some dirty sailors boat, but there’s something fucky about his crew, I can feel it. Either way, I dropped by the squirting mermaid in town and found the product not to be to my liking, so I went back to the scaled fish and regrouped with zabes to prepare for the morning.

We departed in the morning, and the first day went well enough. The food is shit but at least we get to eat on our trip. It was on the second day that some midgit naga….. things showed up. We got rid of them quickly enough though. Some Capitan or something tried to get the jump on me, but Formoses quick thinking made sure I cut him down in no time. I’m growing pretty fond of these guys. I haven’t though of the accident in weeks. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or not yet, but that’s not important right now. We’ve got an army to take out and maybe in lightgate I’ll find the answers to the questions I’ve been asking for so long.



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