Kradon Zabear's Journal Entry 2

Falcon Punch

Kordon’s Rest:

With a burst of light and turbulent winds we arrived at Kordon’s rest within seconds of Luke activating his amulet. We were now in the nation Thorem; and within walking distance of the closest town. There we broke off with Luke; he had some other matters to attend to and said he’ll meet us at the Drowning Fish Tavern the following day.

The rest of the group was beat and needed rest. After spending a few nights in a Dungeon the first thing I wanted was a cup of ale and a soft bed. The tavern was full of a lively bunch, even as the day was coming to the end. We all spread out and enjoyed the ale they had to offer. Dart and I shared a room for the night and was looking forward to a good night rest… But that wouldn’t be tonight. Only a few hours after we went to sleep that the sound of clashing steel and screams came from outside.

It sounded like the town was under attack but from what? We all got up and rushed out to the town circle. Goblins! A group of goblins were attacking town’s people. Our timing could not have been better.
Dart um.. darted his way to the top of a house to provide cover. He manage to save a town’s woman from a goblin mid attack and the rest of us followed. To our advantage the goblins did not have their full attention on us; there was a dwarf fighter charging head on into the mob. The dwarf was quickly surrounded but it didn’t faze him a bit since he was able to hold his own..

After the dust settled and the sun was about to raise the fighting had stopped. A pile of goblin corpses remained and the injured towns people were able to be healed. I praised the fighter dwarf for his bravery and invited him to join us in our quest. He accepted the offer.



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