Kradon Zabear's Journal Entry 1

New Found Hope

The Dungeon:

My attempt to aid Perabeth has failed.. Sineg has successfully taken the city and this city’s invasion is only just the beginning. All of my fellow Yowen comrades have fallen and in a turn of events they managed to take me alive. Beaten, bruised, but not broken; they left in me in a cell to rot, or wait.. for what? I wished not to find out.

The dungeon had not been in short supply of prisoners. After the siege several people who opposed the take over were either killed or thrown in the dungeon. The cell I was in definitely had a band of misfits.

  • There was a half-elf rouge that seemed to have been in here before the invasion even started.
  • A wizard fellow, who was frantically pacing around the cell and constantly talking to himself. (The rouge had mentioned the wizard was thrown in the dungeon for using his magic for perverted acts but I have the feeling that he was just trying to jest to take a jab at the wizard for annoying him and to get his mind of the circumstance.)
  • A female dwarf cleric who had served the castle and fought against Sineg attackers.
  • A female elf ranger. She wasn’t one for words.. mostly just watched the other interact.
  • And then there was me. Kradon Zabear, a human paladin of Pelor.

With all of us different in or own way; there seemed to be no problem with us getting along. At that moment, we all had a common enemy and were sharing the same hell together.. our kinship had been forged.

It was through the blessing of Pelor that we managed to be freed. The Chancellor of Perabeth, Luke, had been in the cell across from us and was rescue Fonkin, the Shadowhand of Lord Perabeth. Luke needed an escort since the path to escape was dangerous; we were able to re-equip ourselves and were ready for a fight (or so I thought). Luke opened a secret tunnel to a lower sewer passage where we ran into some dire rats.

Dire_Rat.jpeg Our party was rusty at best, it would almost be comical if we weren’t fighting for our lives. The ranger and cleric couldn’t properly aim and missed almost every shot fired. The rouge had fought well until he dropped his dagger into the shit pool and had to stick his arm in to retrieve it. The wizard was frantically searching for “treasure” at odd times and weird places… But in the end we manage to pull through. After the rats were killed we had a swarm of spiders we burned our way through. In the end we made it outside but by then the guards were fully aware of our escape and were in pursuit of us. We could hear the echos of the soldiers closing in from the sewer cave we just came from.. Luckily Luke had a plan. There was an Artifact of Kordon around his neck that could teleport anybody with physical contact with it to Kordon’s Rest. Luke said he would still need our service but was giving us a choice to either go or stay. We all decided to follow Luke.



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