Formosus' Log

The 17th


>I have returned after a long mental vacation. My fellow members of Bear Force One tell me I did pretty well on autopilot. It feels good to be home.
>We are continuing our quest when we encounter zombies. The group had the nerve to disturb me with zombies? Pfft. Pathetic creatures with no will to resist the simplest of command spells. Hmmm. After dispatching my last zombie with a simple magic missle striking first in the chest of the assailant and finally the head knocking it clean off… Well or so I had hoped. Really the force from the missile caused the brain to shut down.
>We continue some more on our quest when a Large Spider attacked us from the rear. The group handled this task easily by splitting up to flank the spider with yours truly delivering the finishing blow with a new spell I had learned. Burning Hands,
>We arrive at this town which will serve as a great way to procure some magic items. Whenever I figure out which ones I want.
>A sad note, but Mina our Dwarf Cleric heard the word from Paelor and has decided to embark on this personal quest. She wouldn’t tell us of it, what a fey mood this is. (D.F!)



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