Cuthbert Killenddare's Journal


After spending some time in traveling across Myradon i found myself in Kayria and had decided to trek back into Leamas to meet with some halfling friends along the way. On my way though i had been informed of growing unrest in Leamas. And while a Half-elf had been tolerated before it was unlikely that would be the case this time around so i decided to head directly into Thorem and to Cordon’s Rest, a beautiful part of the country. While i neared Cordons rest I had encountered unicorn tracks so I decided to track them. Upon their discovery I found them ambushed by 2 separate parties. One who was made of a a band of adventurers and the other was a horde of gnolls and kobolds led by 2 centaurs. They assaulted the other party across the clearing and i raised from out of my cover and fired at the centaurs with my arrows. They easily defeated us with sleep spells and swift speed. After we gathered ourselves I introduced myself to the party. A party comprised of a human paladin, Zabear, a human Wizard, Formosa, a half-elven rogue named Dart, an elven ranger, Sarah, a halfling druid Mena, and a Dwarf Barbarian, Gheist. We quickly tracked the centaurs and came upon a well guarded fort. After some searching we found a trap door leading into a basement of the fort and headed in…



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