A letter on an unmarked grave

I finally made it back home. I know it’s been awhile, buy after everything that happened, I needed to be away. I actually made it all the way to Perabeth before someone picked me up for burglary. It was a rookie mistake, but you always taught me to learn from my mistakes instead of dwell, and it ended being better than I thought.

They took me all the way to the castle dungeon, which I thought was a bit much but my reputation may have proceeded me. Either way they threw me in this dungeon right, and I sat there for what felt like weeks before I saw another soul. Eventually more started to join me. A wizard who seemed to brag about some pervy magic tricks he was using on the outside, some dwarf from the guard I saw when I was first locked up, a ranger that was running some kind of poaching ring in the forests nearby, and a man of Pelor, I was never much one for religion but he seems bearable enough.

We were probably there for about a day longer before the deposed chancellor, Lake or Doug or something sprung us and asked us to help him. He got us to Kordon’s Rest and we managed to pick up some burly guy along the way. We headed for home and we almost there when someone ambushed us. I let some ranger we’d picked up take watch, another mistake. When we came to Jason was gone so we went and liberated him from his kidnappees. We saved him, us, it was just like before I left home, our whole band did what it took and we came out on top, just like the caravan before I left.

We finally made it home and I came to see you as soon as I could. The rest of the group is at the castle now, THE CASTLE, none of us even got to see the castle before I left, let alone be inside the inner city. I wish you were here to see it, but I’m looking for whoever did this to us. I’m going to find him and end him. I won’t make that mistake again. I won’t lose my friends, not like I lost them before.

- With love Your son, Maedon



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